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Thank you to these amazing clients who were willing to share their

experience at Vibrant Life Clinic and some of their journey back to health. 



As far back as I can remember I have always suffered severe exhaustion, anxiety and depression. I can recall my first visit to a psychologist at age 8. The merry-go-round of mental health professionals continued into my teenage years and beyond. My fatigue went unnoticed as I pushed through to be seen as normal. How could I be so fatigued, as I was still so very young?  In my early adulthood things gradually became worse and the only way to survive was through self-medication and excuses to be at home to sleep.  Anti-depressants were toxic and only made my anxiety and depression worse. As a middle aged male I had made up my mind that this is the way it is, it’s just me and there is nothing I can do.

That was until I made my first appointment with Cherie Pash. Within that first appointment Cherie showed compassion towards my illness and ordered a specific gene test called MTHFR. The results showed that I was positive. After a three week protocol and the introduction to Methyl Folate things began to rapidly change. I now have more energy, clarity of mind and a renewed sense of well-being than ever before. Something is changing on only what I can say is a cellular level and it’s amazing. I have not felt anxious nor had the uncontrolled spiralling decent into the hopeless darkness that I know so well.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, anxiety and the black dog, I urge you to see Cherie. I cannot believe the changes I am experiencing. Conventional medicine had failed me all my life where as two sessions with Cherie at Vibrant Life Clinic changed my life.

I can’t thank you enough Cherie!


Despite eating a restricted diet, I continued have debilitating digestive and mental health issues. I had almost lost faith in the idea of leading a happy and healthy life. Cherie was knowledgeable and supportive but most importantly I felt she was not going to give up on finding the cause of my problems. Thorough testing and treatment plans have led me to feel the best I have in about 20 years. So very grateful, thank you. 


Cherie Pash is a first class naturopath, who treats her patients holistically and with respect and care. I cannot rate her skills high enough. She is thorough, intuitive, and exceptionally good at what she does.

For over 30 years I have suffered a very debilitating condition. That condition was diagnosed as idiopathic drop attacks by medical professionals.  Each episode was accompanied by a subset of very unpleasant symptoms including panic attacks, exhaustion, emotional distress, nausea and brain fog. Whilst medical professionals were able to provide a name for my condition, for over 30 years they were unable to provide any symptomatic relief or identify a cause for it. In most cases, the medical professionals tended to have their own views about what it could be and would only investigate that aspect. Most ignored my own views and thoughts about what was going on with my own body. Even a week in hospital having every test imaginable failed to yield any positive results and the medical professionals  just told me to go home and live with it. 

On the other hand, it took only one visit with Cherie for her to identify a possible cause for my condition. Following appropriate testing, her diagnosis was positively confirmed and she recommended a course of treatment which has completely cured the condition from which I have suffered for over 30 years. 

I feel that the reason Cherie was able to help me, was because she treats her patients holistically and was prepared to take a long history and listen to my own insights into my condition. Consequently, I feel that it is imperative to maintain an alternative health system, so that people can shop around for the best practitioners to deal with their issues. I believe natural/alternative health providers fill a gap in the market because their holistic  approach recognises that we are all individuals and that what is “normal” for one person may be quite debilitating for another. 

Thank you Cherie for giving me back a significantly improved quality of life - I feel young again!!!


For 10 years or more I have suffered with physical fatigue and brain fog to varying levels.  This condition was impacting on my ability to carry out the most simple of life skills.  Despite consultation with several medical specialists I was unable to find a way forward in an energetic body and with a clear mind.  Cherie listened to my story with an open mind and tactfully asked questions to get a picture of my current health.  Over a few months she was able to diagnose and treat me back to full health and I am now jumping for joy with the change I have experienced.  Cherie looks at the bigger picture enabling her clients to manage their health in the future with minimal assistance from medical practitioners.

I thoroughly recommend Cherie to people of all ages with questions about their health or unresolved issues.  You will be assured to get a comprehensive bank of knowledge and treatments that are not available in mainstream medical professional.  Without Cherie my quality of life would be substantially worse off.  If only I was aware of her services I would have called her first.


Just by chance I came across a leaflet advertising Cherie’s Naturopathic Clinic. I read with interest that she specialised in the MTHFR gene mutation, of which I had recently been diagnosed.

I didn’t feel I had been given the correct treatment plan from my previous practitioner, and started seeing Cherie.

I have been very pleased with my progress thus far. With Cherie’s guidance I have been undergoing the correct treatment plan and am pleased to say I have noticed a marked improvement in my symptoms.

Cherie has a calm and welcoming nature and is committed to working on the best possible outcome.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Cherie as a dedicated practitioner. I am SO glad I found her!!!


I have been a client of Cherie’s for many years and she has helped me enormously with issues related to fatigue, multiple allergies and a genetic disease.  Cherie is very caring and compassionate and always takes the time to listen.  I have no hesitation in recommending Cherie.


At the end of year 10 I started to feel depressed, anxious and like I couldn't cope with anything. Cherie helped me find out I had the MTHFR gene mutation which can cause mental health issues and I started taking the right supplements. I am feeling so much better, like my old self and I beleive I now know why I became ill and how to help myself and stay well in the future.

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