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Our Services


Initial Naturopathic Consultation

  • Taking your full medical history

  • Diving deeply into your current symptoms

  • Looking at the signs of dysfunction your body is showing: face, skin, nails, tongue

  • Prescribing diagnostic tests as needed: urine, blood, genes, stool, hair

  • Discussing your current diet and making some initial changes if needed

  • Prescribing Stage 1 of your treatment plan which may include herbal and/or nutritional medicines plus lifestyle and dietary changes as needed

  • Putting together the pieces of your health puzzle so you go away starting to understand how you became unwell and how we will go about helping the body and mind to heal


Complementary email support if you have any questions about your treatment or run into any problems.

Follow Up Naturopathic Consultation:

Your follow up appointments are usually 4-6 weekly and we work step by step to address all areas of concern.

We will be doing the following

  • Discussing and evaluating your progress​

  • Reviewing test results and discussing their significance

  • Reviewing and building on your treatment plan that is prepared after your initial consult

  • Prescribing Stage 2 of your treatment plan and onwards


PRIVATE HEALTH REFUNDS WITH NIB, Medibank Private, Australian Unity and AHM.

Available under NUTRITION with Cherie Pash only.

Acute Condition Consultation: 15 minutes $40


Book a short appointment is you have any of the following and want relief quickly.

Colds, flu, sinusitis, coughs, pain, period pain, nausea, anxiety and more.

Cancellation Policy and Fees:

Initial Consults: Please give at least 72 hrs notice to cancel or postpone your appointment. The full fee will be charged for NO SHOWS or late cancellations when the appointment cannot be filled.

ETFPOS or CASH payments

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