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  • Oxyrich works to increase oxygen in the body while helping to maintain healthy levels of essential vitamins and minerals. Oxygen is the most vital element to the human body and insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological resources which can result in ailments ranging from mild fatigue to life threatening diseases. Oxyrich provides a highly effective solution to one of our most perplexing problems: How to feed our bodies more oxygen thus allowing our bodies to more effectively oxidize and metabolize life and health giving nutrients.
  • Oxryich is the result of a refined process of stabilising oxygen, originally developed by NASA in the 1980's. It is manufactured using proprietary technology without the use of chemicals. At manufacture, Oxyrich contains no less than 5% v/v of pure di-atomic Oxygen in a base of De-Ionised Grander Living Water and unrefined Atlantic Sea Salt. Oxyrich is pH balanced, therefore safe to use undiluted directly on skin or mucous membranes.
  • May help alleviate fatigue
  • May enhance natural mental clarity
  • May support energy levels

Oxyrich 250ml

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