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Holistic Counselling and Trauma Release

We all go through difficult times in out lives. Some people have deeply harrowing and traumatic experiences but all of us have experiences that effect us in some way. We may feel stress, low self esteem, sorrow, hurt, anger, betrayal and grief just to name a few. Emotions have a powerful effect on your physical and emotional health and its important to deal with them so we can move on.

Bach Flower and Australian Bush Flower Remedies are powerful emotional healers and help deeply seated traumas lift away. The BioMeridian device can scan your body and match you to your perfect emotional healer and create a homeopathic remedy that is perfect for you and your body. 

The remedies are taken for 28 days and then you come back for another scan and a new remedy is created until you feel better.

At your Counselling and Trauma Release session you can talk about your issues or you may wish to just be quiet and let the BioMeridian do its incredible work of finding those hidden traumas.

Profound healing can be experienced both emotionally and physically.

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