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BioMeridian Therapy 

The BioMeridian MSAS Pro is a world-class medical testing device, designed and manufactured in the USA. The BioMeridian assesses the functional flow of the meridians of the human body via measuring the galvanic skin response at acupuncture points of the hands and feet. The meridians are channels of energy that flow through our body along which are found all the accupuncture points utilised by Traditional Chinese Medicine for accupuncture. The testing is painless and non invasive. The body functions and heals optimally when the meridian system is balanced. The BioMeridian device finds which meridians are balanced, stressed or weakened then creates a homeopathic remedy that help to optimise the meridian system function. A take home report is generated and the treatments are monthly. This program is progressive and works with physical and emotional health issues.
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