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Fibromyalgia Treatment...The Guaifenesin Protocol
If you have fibromyalgia you are ill. You are NOT crazy. 
"You may have been told that whatever you have is un-treatable or that your symptoms are all in your head. People think you're a hypochondriac and doctors may not want to handle your case. Or you may have been over-medicated by well-intentioned health care providers who wanted desperately to help you. You may be having trouble getting refills for medications that make your life tolerable. You may be in danger of losing your job and your relationships. You may have fallen victim to those who are making billions of dollars a year off those desperately searching for something, anything, that will help..."
The Guaifenesin Protocol is a revolutionary treatment that, over time, can reverse all the symptoms of fibromyalgia. It is a tried and tested, scientifically based program that works.
There are 4 important aspects to the program:
1. Guaifenesin- the over the counter medication
2. Supplements to support the body as it heals
3. A low inflammatory Paleo style diet
4. The removal of salicylates from products put on or in the body.
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