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Welcome to Vibrant Life Clinic, where you will find the latest cutting edge research and technology combined with Natural Medicines and Nutritionals to bring about deep healing outcomes.

 Your centre for excellence in Natural Medicine in Launceston.


Cherie Pash is the clinic director and senior Naturopath and opened the clinic in 2016. Bridget Love joined the team in 2021 under the mentorship of Cherie.


Cherie and Bridget are passionate about their vocation and bring

  • experience

  • empathy

  • care and understanding

  • skill at diagnosing the root cause of illness

  • focus on the best outcome for each individual 

Specialising in:

  • NES Scan and Wellness System

  • Depression and Anxiety- all ages 

  • Stress and Adrenal Dysregulation

  • Fibromyalgia Reversal with the Guaifenesin Protocol

  • MTHFR mutations and Methylation Issues

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Autoimmune Disease Recovery with the Plant Paradox Diet

  • Allergies: Food and Environmental

  • Gut Health, Leaky Gut, IBS, IBD

  • Paleo, Keto and 5:2 Diet Education

  • Vegetarian/Vegan Nutrition Optimisation

  • Musculoskeletal Pain 

  • Cancer adjunct therapies ****NEW****

  • Hormonal imbalance and menopause

  • Skin conditions

  • Acute conditions: Pain, colds and flu's, stress, nausea, migraines and more.


Pathology testing:

SmartDNA test and individualised analysis and report

ALCAT Food allergy testing

Hair Analysis

Complete Digestive Stool Analysis

Heavy Metal Levels

Hydrogen/Methane breath testing for SIBO

MTHFR gene mutation

23 and me Full Genome DNA test

Adrenocortex Stress Test

Male and Female Hormone test

Thyroid many more.


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Cherie Pash

Director and Clinical Naturopath AdvDipNat 

NES Practitioner


Bridget Love

Clinical Naturopath BHSc(Nat)

Shop 3 Quadrant Plaza

94 York St, Launceston TAS

0427 664 273


Appointments Available 2021:

Monday           10am- 4.30pm

Wednesday    10am- 4.30pm

Friday               10am- 4.30pm

PRIVATE HEALTH REFUNDS WITH NIB, Medibank Private, Australian Unity and AHM.

Available under NUTRITION with Cherie Pash only.