Metanoia Massage with Tessa Hope

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'The journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life; spiritual conversion’


I am a newly arrived resident to Launceston from Byron Bay, who is grateful to have found Massage in my life; not only as a career, but as an effective tool for my own self-healing journey. Combined with traditional Swedish massage techniques, I have been praised for my more intuitive-style approach to Massage.


Massage is Art.

It has changed my life.

Like painting, there is an element of freedom to my work; yet at the same time I’m ultimately reading a map of the body’s past and present lifestyle patterns, with the intention of initiating a holistic shift to a state of equilibrium.


A touch can change your life!

Fascinatingly so, science states that touch is a vital modality in the facilitation of growth and development among both humans and animal offspring. Since I am an avid lover of animals, with a background in Marine Biology and Scientific Diving, knowing this, makes me love both animals and massage even more!


So let’s all keep in touch.

I only use eco-friendly, vegan oils as part of my treatments and provide a completely safe and nurturing space for your massage. Take some time-out to experience an act of kindness TO YOURSELF through the instinctual and natural healing power of touch.


Help me, by helping you.

For those wanting to reap the most benefits of massage by incorporating regular sessions into your own lifestyle; I welcomingly offer every fifth massage half-price.

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