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Jessica Curtis

Nutritionist (BNutSc)

About Jess

With a solid foundation in nutritional science and a dedication to ongoing research, Jess integrates evidence-based practices with compassion and proficiency to guide clients towards enduring lifestyle changes. Whether you're aiming to boost energy levels, improve digestion, optimise athletic performance, or enhance overall health, Jess provides tailored support and practical solutions.

Jess offers Nutrition consulting options to meet your needs:


Health and Nutrition Assessment: Comprehensive one-on-one consultations that delve into your unique health history, dietary habits, and personalised recommendations for optimal wellness.


Individualised Nutrition Plans: Customised meal plans and dietary recommendations tailored to your specific health goals and preferences.

Jess creates a nurturing and collaborative environment, empowering clients to make informed choices and embrace sustainable lifestyle adjustments. Through personalised consultations and interactive workshops, Jess equips individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve lasting wellness.


Start your journey towards improved health and well-being today with Jess' compassionate guidance and personalised nutrition strategies.

Contact Jess

Contact Jess to schedule a time to book in or book online. If you have any queries you can send them via email. 

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