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Fiona Couttie

Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy

PACFA Certified Practitioner 26590

Bachelor of Education and Registered Teacher

Diploma of Steiner Education

Cert 4 Training and Education

Lifeline and Touch for Health Training

About Fiona

Fiona’s approach as an ‘Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist’ is to work with the unique wisdom and self-determination of each individual.


She works with dreams, guided meditations, and artistic practices. Fiona also offers clarity about different life stages, from childhood through adolescence and beyond. She provides support for clients experiencing transitions and bereavement.


Early in her educational career, Fiona recognised the transformative potential of artistic therapies and pursued training in this field. This culminated in her training in Process Oriented Psychology and Anthroposophical Psychotherapy.


To begin your journey with Fiona, you can book a session by contacting her directly to schedule an appointment and learn more about how she can support your specific needs.

Contact Fiona

0461 273 936

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